Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Short Story (Fiction)

Well, the one thing that I always do to waste a time beside chatting with people and browsing everything in the net is writing something (it may be novel, short story, blogging, etc).

I like writing, I like reading, then I pour everything on my mind into some novel and short story. For the first time it's hard to build the main idea of its concept bout what I write. But when I mishandle the concept, I find the undefined words to put on the script. It always happened when I write everything. Not only that, sometimes I mishandle the concept. What I want is just pour everything what I see, what I listen, what I imagine, into some abstract integrity unit. Then, when I look up the whole script, I feel satisfy.

If you want to know about some of them, maybe I just give the short story I have made.
Here it is:

  1. Bandung got me crazy!
  2. Indigo
  3. Te Quiero
The short story I published uses Indonesian language, so I'm sorry if you don't understand about the language.

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