Sunday, February 01, 2009

Me and Musicaholics

Me and My GF

Me and My Pals

OMG, my friend over slept in the bus
Huwaaa, so pillowy

got style before dinner

picture of me, but painted by my friend, Retta ^^

so old times

sleeping child

I am the king of Hanggeung

got style with my pal's glasses

dressing batik

OMG, my hair, my old me!

dating pals

you are my enemy now

cheeeese,, yeaaaah!

sleeping or make love with the box?

smiiiiile ^^

Look at that!

hmmmm, black in cheerful

the couple of the century

alay ^^

don't pull me!

smiling with glasses before go bed

enemy or friend?

picture of me, designed by Retta

I'll kill you with my gun

in the lake of Situpatengan

got funky with this style

flower formation

album cover

another album cover

hey, you!

dress in violet

malaysia flag

Rock n Roll

photo of me, in spontanity

Dutch Cave

I hit you, dear!

Tanah Lot, Bali

Bedugul Lake, Bali

at Jazz Concert, omigoood, look at my old style!

another old style

indoor camping

twinkle night

so weeeeet

with my pals


how about my future?

with my friends

huwaaa, so long time ago