Saturday, April 25, 2009


Do you believe in prophecy? Mmmm ... well, I think if it's a future prediction thing so I'm sure I cannot believe easily, but if it's just horoscope telling the character of certain group of people, so partly I trust it because I have ever faced it in reality to some group having the character mentioned but not all, just a part of it. Barely found the full character of the zodiac said, so don't believe it fully, just let it as reference about yourself and the people around you, maybe you need to know how are the people standing behind you. So just take a look for a while and give comment how much you fit on it.

.: Aries Man | Woman
.: Taurus Man | Woman
.: Gemini Man | Woman
.: Cancer Man | Woman
.: Leo Man | Woman
.: Virgo Man | Woman
.: Libra Man | Woman
.: Scorpio Man | Woman
.: Sagittarius Man | Woman
.: Capricorn Man | Woman
.: Aquarius Man | Woman
.: Pisces Man | Woman


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Knowing The Movie (2009)

Today, I use the holiday time to watch movie together with my friends. It's been a long days before, I have dealt to watch this movie I really wanna see and curious about. The title is "Knowing", starred by Nicolas Cage. Have you ever watched this movie? I guess some of you have watched it, and had a plenty of opinion about this movie.

Okey, about my opinion. Overall, it was so thrilling me up at the beginning, but ... from the middle to the ending part, this is soooo trash. I feel disappointed because I'd been attracted and intimidated to imagine some tension circumstances at the beginning, but in the end it really fools me after all. The weird thing is when some strangers out of no where, chasing the kids, showing us that the movie is spooky enough to be science-fiction or thriller movie which based on what-on-earth matter. Moreover, when the strangers is actually an alien to bring the child to the safest place. What the hell is that? It makes us all laughing, because the movie lost control to bring its genre.

So, if I may remake this movie, I want to make some modification in the alien part. I have never dealt with it in order to keep the flow of the genre. Maybe I want the alien part is modified to be despair part which makes the movie become sad-ending, or maybe I will modify to be the solution part which makes it is happy ending after all. It shall be better, ain't it?

And how about your opinion?
How will you modify the movie to remake the alien part?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tips To Handle Sleepiness At Work

Recently, I got over and over into sleepiness while working at the office. Why is it happened at all working day? A whole day from 8 to 8 (if overtime), and almost a whole week from Sunday to Saturday, always like this.

Now I have to find some ways to handle it, I just don't want to work with no spirit and an empty mind. So I'll try to make some points which are effective to exorcist the sleepiness such to exorcist an evil at working time. All of you can do this either, here are the effective ways to recover from sleepiness:

  1. Get plenty of sleep the night before.

  2. Most of us won’t do it, because there are always things to do to kill the meantime in the night, such as watching TV or movie, surfing internet, and playing games over and over. Normally, we get in bed seven or eight hours before we need to get up. Watch TV or reading book if you must, but just being in bed will signal your brain and body to start shutting down. Over time, if you stick with it, you should start falling asleep earlier and earlier.

  3. Drink coffee

  4. I think it's the effective way to stay awake, but I won't give it as an advice because there are negative effects to your health with constant use of caffeine.

  5. Take a walk

  6. Doing short, leisurely activities also helps to increase blood flow and wake you up. Getting away from your desk or work area and out of the building will rejuvenate your senses. Even if all you have time for is a quick step outside for a breath of fresh air, you’ll feel more awake when you get back to work.

  7. Stretching

  8. Stretching wakes up the mind as well as the body. Stretching causes the muscles to contract, which causes an increase of blood flow, which can increase you alertness and brain function. Two or three times a day, stand up and move around. Reach, bend, twist and touch your toes to keep that blood flowing, letting your brain and body know that despite sitting stationary for up to eight hours a day, you are still awake!

  9. Eat out

  10. Even if you bring your lunch, get away from your desk and, preferably, out of the office. A change of environment for thirty minutes to an hour will do wonders for your mind, body and soul.

  11. Give yourself a rub up.

  12. Rub both your arms and legs slowly. On your arms start from your wrist and end with your shoulder. On your legs start with your ankles. You can do this in a straight line or from side to side. Add a bit of pressure while rubbing. This also increases blood flow.

  13. Socialize

  14. Step away from work now and then to talk to your co-workers and supervisors. Not only will it wake you up, but also strengthen your work relationships. Keep the conversation work-related and technically you're still working.

  15. Take a mini mind vacation

  16. Make sure you do this sitting up, so you don’t fall asleep. Close your eyes and slowly breath in and out. Now think about some place that you would really like to go or some place that you have been that you really enjoyed. Imagine yourself there. Continue this for 5 minutes.

  17. Don’t give into it

  18. We always find that when we are tired, we complain about how tired we are. If we stop the thought and shake it off we feel much better.

  19. Dunk your head in cold water

  20. It wakes us up every time. I bet it would!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tips: How to Hypnotize

Yeah, I'm being curious how some mind-expert can do hypnotize to people. So, I just want to learn how to do that, maybe someday I'll be able to hypnotize people to preserve all things I want, hahaha. I think it's interesting thing to try with your friend first. If it works, so you can practice with the strangers, very fun to do, huh?

Now, are you as curious as I am to do this silly thing? I bet you will because once it works, it shall be your ecstasy. But, don't forget not to do it as criminality. OK, I got the tips from e-How, so let's learn together from the tips below:

How to Hypnotize Someone

There are several approaches one can take to hypnotize a person easily. From the use of stress and anxiety to the use of child like abandon and meditative release, it is easy to hypnotize another person. You don't need a swinging clock to put someone under your spell. All you need is a little step by step instruction and a clear understanding of which approach will work best for you.

  1. Use the stage method. With authority and esteem command the subject to perform a series of rapid instructions.

  2. Overwhelm the subject with a series of commands that work to incite stress and anxiety.

  3. Use the full command of your authority to overwhelm the person. Create a rapid fire succession of commands that direct the subject to follow each as he releases his will to resist your authority.

  4. Command the subject to move further into his subconscious, moving incrementally to a deeper state with each beat. Begin to count from 10 to two.

  5. End by instructing the subject that he will be hypnotized when you say the number "one."

  6. With force-full authority instruct the subject to into a hypnotized state by acknowledging the number "one." The subject is now hypnotized.

  7. Use the therapist method. Talk the subject into a deep hypnosis trance with slow meditative communication.

  8. Lead the subject step by step into a deep trance. Using a tender, steady, monotone voice, instruct the subject to count from 20 to zero.

  9. Tap your foot to create a rhythm for the patient. You can also count down from five to zero to provide an example for the subject to follow. Use your voice to build trust.

  10. Instruct the subject to move further and further within his subconscious. He should move further and further within his subconscious until it totally takes over.

  11. Explain that you will gently tap the subject on the forward three times when she reaches the number zero. Instruct the subject that when she feels the third light tap on her forehead, she will be 100 percent within her subconscious mind.

  12. Guide the patient with three light taps. On the third tap, pause and then ask, "Tell me what you see."

  13. Talk the person through the event, memory, tragedy or fear that his subconscious mind now rests.

Do you still confused or maybe now you don't have a friend to practice? It's okay, I think you have to practice alone before you can do it with another person. Let's practice to do self-hypnotize with the instruction below.

How to Do Self-Hypnosis

Things You’ll Need:
  • Armchairs
  • Candles
  • Pocket Watches
  • Relaxation Tapes
  • Relaxing CDs
  • Candles

Sequence to do self-hypnotize:
  1. Recognize that to be hypnotized is to enter a trance state. You will be very focused, but will also be aware of what is happening around you.

  2. Sit in a comfortable chair or recline on a couch in a quiet place. Be sure that your clothes are loose and comfortable and the temperature is not too warm or cool.

  3. Turn down the lights so that it's not too bright. It doesn't need to be dark.

  4. Relax. You can have your eyes open or closed, whichever is most comfortable for you.

  5. Let yourself go loose. Feel every muscle go limp. Feel your mind slow down. Good.

  6. Breathe deeply and hold it. Feel all of your stress and worries sucked from your body and your head into your lungs. Blow them out slowly and watch them swirl away from you.

  7. Notice the different colors of each concern. See them float away and dissolve in the air. You are feeling more and relaxed with every breath.

  8. Feel your heart. It is strong and slow. You can feel it beating, slowly, slowly. Each time you exhale, your body relaxes more. You are calm and safe. You can feel your heart. It's beating so slowly.

  9. Feel your toes. They feel empty and light. They want to float away. That lightness is spreading up your legs, through your hips and into your back. Your body is so empty. You can see through it.

  10. Feel your arms. They feel empty. Your shoulders are empty. Your neck is empty. Your head is floating, weightless. You feel so calm.

  11. Feel liquid begin to fill your body through your navel. It's deep blue. It feels cool and comfortable. Watch it fill up your body. Cool blue. When you are full, you will feel calm and completely at ease.

  12. Now open your eyes and sit up. Your cool, blue feeling will stay with you.

It's working???


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Backpacking to Europe

Well, this is for a long-term planning. Me and my friend have to save our money just to backpack to Europe. Many countries will be our destination, so as a reference, I give you information about the country and its tourism place.


Source :

The Netherlands today has dispelled all images of it being an archaic land of clogs and windmills, with its string of exciting cities, including the cosmopolitan capital, Amsterdam – one of Europe’s great cities. Elsewhere, Arnhem, Eindhoven, The Hague, Utrecht and the especially buzzing Rotterdam all boast their own charms.

Away from the cities, the idyllic land of windmills and tulips does still exist in the bucolic splendor of the countryside, as do a number of coastal towns and resorts, many with fine beaches and similarly interesting heritages to The Netherlands’ bigger historical cities.

Luxembourg-Luxembourg City

Source :

It is an attractive country with a green and picturesque landscape of rolling hills and valleys, and many closely packed historical sites. Visitors will also discover forests, vineyards and striking sandstone rock formations here. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg shares borders to the north and west with Belgium, to the south with France and to the east with Germany. One-third of the country is made up of the hills and forests of the Ardennes, while the rest is wooded farmland. In the southeast is the rich wine-growing valley of Moselle. The capital, Luxembourg-Ville, is built on a rock overlooking the Alzette and Petrusse valleys.

Belgium-Brugges, Brussels, Antwerp

Source :

The anachronistic images of ‘boring Belgium’ have been well and truly banished over the last decade as the country promotes its key destinations, along with a string of new attractions. Belgium always had a lot more going for it than the faceless political and bureaucratic buildings that litter its capital, Brussels, with a string of engaging cities in Bruges, Ghent, Liège - and Brussels itself - that offer impressive architecture, lively nightlife, first-rate cuisine and numerous other attractions for visitors. Then there is reinvented Antwerp, now a hotbed of fashion and modern design, and the more bucolic charms of the chocolate box beauty of the mountainous Ardennes region to the east, as well as the sweeping sand of the coastline resorts of the western seaboard.


Source :

England’s eventful history and scenic diversity render it one of the world’s most popular visitor destinations. It reserves journeys to rolling green hillsides, national parks and to many sophisticated cities. Tourists get to visit castles, palaces and stately homes. The beautiful gardens in Plymouth and Bath are fascinating. The Stonehenge, an ancient stone monument is about 4,000 years old and is a must visit spot for all tourists to England. You must take tour to London, where you get to see famous city landmarks such as Big Ben, Harrods, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London and Windsor Castle.

Scotland-Edinburgh, Glasgow

Source :

Scotland is famous primarily for its spectacular scenery, but it also offers a rich historical and cultural heritage, together with a wide range of activities. Scotland’s landscape is as varied as it is beautiful. Rugged peaks sweep down to breathtaking lochs, glistening in remote glens like Glen Affric near Inverness and Loch Trool in Galloway. A straggling coastline, with white sandy beaches, sheltered bays and rocky cliffs, looks out to the remote islands in the Atlantic. To the south, the rolling hills of the Borders, lush lowland pastures and extensive woodlands present a softer beauty.

Ireland-Dublin, Galway, Wicklow Bay

Source :

Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and the twentieth largest in the world. Within its more than 80,000 square kilometers of land are vast lands of scenic views and historic value. This great diversity of land is the perfect backdrop for Ireland’s amazing tourist destinations. Also known as the Emerald Isle for its lush vegetation, the island is divided into two separate nations. In the upper part of the island is Northern Ireland, a constituent nation of the United Kingdom.

Places to see in Belfast include: Belfast City Hall, Botanic Gardens, Queen’s University, Shankill and Falls Roads, Stormont Estate, Harland & Wolff shipyard, Belfast Castle, Belfast Wheel, St. Anne’s Cathedral, and the Ulster Museum. While in the city of Armagh are places like: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, St. Patrick’s Trian, Palace Stables Heritage Centre, Armagh County Museum, Navan Fort, andArmagh Planetarium. The city of Derry, in county Londonderry is also one of the busier cities of Northern Ireland. Famous for its 17th century walls, Derry also has some exciting tourist attractions: Tower Museum, Guildhall, St. Columb’s Cathedral, St. Eugene’s Cathedral and St. Augustine’s Chapel. After Belfast and Derry, the third largest town in Northern Ireland is Bangor, considered as the wealthiest town of the nation. In their marina (the biggest in Ireland) is thePickie Fun Park. Other tourist spots to see here are: the McKee Clock, Bangor Castle, Bangor Abbey, and the coastal walkway to Helens Bay.

Germany-Berlin, Munich, Hamburg

Source :

Experience new things, have fun and relax.Vibrant cities with amazing architecture, fabulous shopping and pulsating nightlife. Enchanting medieval villages and traditional wine villages with friendly festivals and regional specialities. Picturesque countryside which is perfect for walking or simply relaxing in. Castles, palaces and abbeys that are the epitome of German romanticism. Fun & sport, wellness & relaxation. A land of a thousand possibilities. The country has now firmly shaken off the shadows of its 20th century past, regained a sense of national pride, and breathed a sigh of relief at its new-found ability to express its distinctive national character again.

Germany's natural landscapes offer a wealth of options for an unforgettable holiday: long sandy beaches on the coasts and lake shores, enchanting lowland plains, extensive ranges of hills and the high peaks of the Alps. Whether you choose leisurely exploration, a spa or wellness break, or a sports activity on land, on water or in the air, you'll be amazed at what Germany has to offer.

France-Paris, Bordeaux, Nice

Source :

France is the most visited country in the world. It has everything that you could ever want to see on your holidays: a great city like Paris, good beaches, more monuments than any other country, lovely nature, incredible mountain scenery. Paris, the city of light and its surroundings are one of the most visited areas. Paris is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. West of France is turned towards the Atlantic Coast. In the north Normandy & Brittany have rolling hills, sandy beaches and quiet little harbour towns.

The eastern part of France consists of the Alsace, Lorraine, Franche Comté and Burgundy regions. The landscape has rolling hills and many beautiful cities, such as Metz, Strasbourg, Nancy and Dijon. This region produces many famous wines, including magnificent pinot noirs and chardonnays valued the world over, as well as the famous "Yellow wine" from the Jura mountain vineyard. The Center of France is in many ways the most quiet part of France. But the great treasure of this region is the Loire valley , with many great castles and beautiful towns. Chartres with its famous cathedral and Tours rate among the most beautiful French cities. The Alps are great for skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

The South with its lovely nature, good food, roman ruins and of course the Riviera draws a lot of visitors every year. Towns like Orange, and Arles but also big cities like Marseille and Toulon are must sees. The Provence is dotted with pleasant small villages. In the South west of France the Dordogne is one of the most quintessential French regions. The valley is so pretty, the towns are so cute and the food is so good, that it is hard to believe that the people who live here go somewhere else for their holidays. The Languedoc has its own language and culture. In the south of the Languedoc you find the Pyrenees, a great mountain range separating France from Spain, where you can hike and ski. The towns of Toulouse and Montpellier are nice and the medieval town of Carcassone is a top destination.

Italy-Milan, Venice, Cinque Terre (Manarola), Rome, Florence, Isle of Capri

Source :

Italy is a beautiful country but is one of those countries which you probably have some questions and preconceptions, before your coming to this special country. A place of olive oil, pasta, wine, mafia and sunshine, roman ruins and renaissance palaces, Italy has a lot to give its tourists. Italy is a country full of interesting things for the casual tourist and the educated tourist, it has deep Roman Catholic roots. In the north, next to the Alps and the landscapes of the Po river, many cultural gems and highly developed industrial cities fascinate. In this exciting country the people live the "la vita Italiana".

Venice and Verona are the most famous tourist attractions in the north-east of Italy, maybe you can think about romantic love affairs here. The people can discover easily the beautiful landscapes of Italy, Verona province may be the more fascinating. Many persons say that the north-west of italy is a paradise for every culinary interested traveler. For the people who adore the wine, Piemonte is related with Barolo and Barbaresco, the most famous wines made out of the Nebbiolo grape. Turin is the capital of Piemonte, this city provides more than just a starting point to visit these wine regions. Lots of tourist attractions like museums, modern art, music and book fairs make of this city, one of the notable Italian cities concerning cultural life.

Greece-Athens, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Ios

Source :

Often cited as the birthplace of European civilization, Greece offers a heady mix of ancient archaeological sites, chic design hotels, rustic tavernas, family-orientated seaside resorts and hedonistic dance clubs. Ancient Greece reached its zenith in the fifth century BC when Athens became the cultural and artistic center of the Mediterranean, producing magnificent works of architecture, sculpture, drama and literature. There is no denying that the historical and cultural heritage of Greece continues to resonate throughout the modern Western world - in its literature, art, philosophy and politics. In fact, many travelers come here specifically to explore Greece's ancient wonders, from Athens' Parthenon and Delphi's Temple of Apollo, to the ruins of the Minóan city of Knossós on Crete.

Scattered throughout the calm blue waters of the Aegean and the Ionian are Greece's 1,400 islands - each with its own special story. The serenity of islands like Kefalonia and Amorgos contrasts with the hedonistic party islands such as Mykonos and Páros. Those interested in architecture should visit the medieval fortified towns of Rhodes and Corfu (both UNESCO World Heritage sites), and the whitewashed cubic houses of Thira and Oia on Santorini, typical of the Cyclades.

Spain-San Sebastian, Barcelona, Alicante, Seville

Source :

Spain is more than bullfights, flamenco dancers and crowded beaches. It's a spectacular and diverse country, the north resembling the rolling, green hills of Ireland and the south giving you a taste of Moroccan landscapes and architecture. Its tremendous history is reflected in its prehistoric cave paintings, Moorish palaces, crumbling castles, Roman ruins, Gothic and Renaissance cathedrals as well as some very distinctive modern architecture. The uniqueness of Spain lies in the separate kingdoms which made up the original Spanish nation. These regions remain diverse in their language, culture, cuisine and art. They include: Andalucía, Aragon, Asturias, Basque Country, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Cantabria, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla León, Catalonia, Extremadura, Galicia, La Rioja, Madrid, Murcia, Navarra and Valencia. Areas of interest are not limited to each region.

Switzerland-Interlaken, Geneva, Lucerne, Zurich

Source :

Small, mountainous and wealthy, with a population of just 7.5 million, Switzerland is renowned for its enviable quality of life in a country that ticks along like clockwork. Its products are sought after the world over, from its delicious cheese and chocolate to luxurious watches whose timekeeping is as sharp as a Swiss Army Knife, another popular export from this sophisticated Alpine nation.

Switzerland is not only a place for professionals, though. As a stylish tourist destination it offers such top ski resorts as Zermatt, Verbier and celebrity-studded St Moritz, while the white peaks of mountains set against blue skies make a wonderful backdrop for summertime hiking. The ancient capital of Berne provides superb opportunities for sightseeing, shopping and traditional folk entertainment while the largest city, Zürich leads the way in arts, design and nightlife, from opera and world-class theater to stylish bars and nightclubs.

Czech. Republic-Prague

Source :

A historic jewel hidden away at the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic packs a lot of punch for such a small country. No bigger than Scotland or South Carolina, it’s crammed with fairytale castles, medieval towns, elegant spa resorts and scenic national parks. And on top of all that, it’s the birthplace of the world’s finest beer.

Almost everyone who visits the Czech Republic goes to Prague, with its imposing castle, great museums and galleries, jazz clubs and concerts and other attractions. Many day trips are possible from here, including the spa resort of Karlovy Vary, the historic towns of Mělník and Kutná Hora, and castles like Karlštejn and Konopiště.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Backpacking to Bali

As a plan consolidated, I together with my friend want to go to Bali in order for backpacking, refreshing, and get some friend of other backpacker from overseas. We'll just backpack there in 3~5 days, so we must have a plan to visit all tourism place in Bali. Therefore, I will give you the information about all of the tourism resort throughout Bali which we can visit. If any of you would suggest us the interesting place around Bali exclude the following spots, please tell us.

Kuta Beach


Kuta in addition to being the Sunset Site Number One, with its daily spectacular sunsets, it is also the centre of night life activities in Southern Bali and a shopping mecca, with its lines of shops, boutiques, and galleries. Restaurants line up the streets as well as the Bachfront,Hotels, ranging from a small, inexpensive homestay to a luxurious resort, will ready accomodate you.

The beach of Kuta is one of the first favorite beaches discovered by tourist. On the south, the beach is fenced by the airport’s runway, which gives you a breathtaking landing experience. The beach stretches as far north as the eyes can see. As short walk away north, waves will invite you to test your surfing

Kuta is very short drive away from the airport, and transportation is readily available to take you from and to Kuta to and from anywhere else in Bali.

Sanur Beach


Sanur beach is located on the southeastern side of Denpasar, about a 5 to 10 minute drive by taxi from Denpasar. Sanur beach is a little paradise in Bali island and the popular destination for beachcomber in search of sun, sand and surf. Sanur is an excellent site to watch the sun rises, and jog along the white sandy beach. Sanur has a coral reef that makes it ideal for snorkeling, beside that Sanur beach is ideal for surfing.

Sanur had become one of the first resort developed in Bali, nevertheless Sanur maintains its traditions. Sanur is one of Bali’s biggest traditional villages but it’s also one of the most established tourist areas. In Sanur, we can see like drama show, dance show, so it’s a good place to enjoy, the delights of a tropical island and gain a real appreciation of Balinese Culture and local life. Nightlife in Sanur is relaxed and very happy, we can go to restaurant, bar and the discotheque.



On the southern tip of Bali, Uluwatu is also high on a surfer's destination list. The road to the beach is pretty well-hidden, off the road to the temple of Uluwatu (which in itself is an amazing three-court temple on top of a few hundred feet cliff). You can't reach it by car - rent a motorcycle or walk for about two miles to get there. The site is very popular among serious surfers.

Nusa Dua


On the south-eastern tip of the island, the Nusa Dua peninsula has some nice reef that provides good waves for surfing. You can stay on any of the most sumptuous hotels in the world spread around the area, and surfing is readily available within walking distance, from a beginner's level to a challenging one for the serious surfers.

Nusa Dua beach is not so far from Ngurah Rai Airport, about 15 minute drive by taxi. Nusa Dua is a luxurious resort area where the world’s sumptuous hotels gracefully integrate into the beautiful white beaches. Bali’s most prestigious resort area, Nusa Dua is where you will find international world class luxury hotels elegantly lining beautiful white sands. Children can play in the white sand and shallow sea water by safe, lifequard are usually on duty.

Spectacular luxury resorts are the norm in Nusa Dua, with many incorporating contemporary Balinese style buildings and beautifully landscaped gardens, ponds and pool areas. Hotels are many have convention facilities, swimming pools, excellent sports facilities and a selection of restaurants, night clubs or discotheque. Nightlife in Nusa Dua is very to enjoy.

The luxurious beach cove of Nusa Dua is a favorite among those traveling to Bali, because of its calm, tranquil atmosphere and inviting turquoise waters. It’s a perfect place for romancing honeymooners but also for those with a passion for underwater life, there are good diving and snorkeling spots to be found in this area.

Tanjung Benoa - Turtle Island


Tanjung Benoa beach just north of Nusa Dua, is a scenic 5 kilometres of coconut palms and find sand. The area is the almost exclusive home of luxury hotels, private villas, fine restaurants, open air cafes and water sports facilities.
The shape of the beach, also makes Tanjung Benoa perfect for watersports with no shortage of shops catering to marine sports enthusiasts. In Tanjung Benoa, we can do snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, water skiing, power boats, banana boats and reef fishing.

Turtle Island, from Tanjung Benoa can reach Serangan Turtle Island (Pulau Penyu) with rent glass bottom boat about 20 minutes (boat extra cost) from Tanjung Benoa Beach. There is a lot of Turtle Farm including Conservation by WWF. The island can reach by car from north through main street. There is important temple in this island built in 11th century by Mpu Kuturan, temple name is Sakenan Temple. In south of the island has nice beach specially for surfing. Some part of the island has sea weed farm. Entrance fee cost at 3,000 per person.

Kintamani - Trunyan


The villages of Kintamani and Penelokan provide a great view of the still active Mount Batur and its fantastic lake. Seven miles in diameter and sixty feet deep, Batur caldera is simply astounding. From Penelokan, take the road Kedisan on the shores of the lake where boats can be rented to cross over to Trunyan. The spectacular mountainous region around Kintamani with its deep Crater Lake and bubbling hot springs, make this region a must to visit. Batur Lake is the largest lake in Bali and the region offers some of the most spectacular views to be found anywhere on the island. Batur Lake also provides water for an underground network of streams and springs across the southern slopes of the mountain. Kintamani is really great for day trips, trekking or simply for getting away from it all for a few days.

Trunyan is another ancient village inhabited by people who call themselves the “Bali Aga” or old Bali who live in ways that are vastly different from other Balinese. The Bali Aga's temple in this village is named Puser Jagat, meaning Navel of the Universe. Its architecture is highly unusual, and stands in the protective shade of a massive banyan tree.

The Bali Aga has a strange way of burial. Instead of cremating their corpses, the Bali Aga simply places them under this banyan tree. The odor is mysteriously masked by a special arboreal fragrance emitted by the banyan tree.

Besakih Temple


Over a thousand years old, Besakih Temple is known as the "Mother Temple of Bali" Perched on the slopes of Mount Agung, at a lofty 1,000 meters (3,000 feet). Besakih is the biggest and holiest of all the Balinese temples. Bali's mother temple stands against a stupendous mountain backdrop on the southeastern slopes of Mount Agung. Named after the Dragon God believed to inhabit the mountain, it's said to be the only temple where a Hindu of any caste can worship.



Bedugul is a favorite place for Balinese family for weekend picnic. Bedugul is also a center of horticulture. We'll find plenty of fruits and vegetables here. Here we find 3 of Bali 4 lakes, Bratan, Buyan, and Tamblingan. Bratan, the largest of the three is perfect place for water sports such as para sailing, motor boating, jet skiing, water skiing, canoeing, etc. Bedugul fertile soil also produced abundance of plants and trees, some of them formed rain forests with their exotic birds, monkeys, and other creatures.

Sukawati Art Market


Sukawati area is known for its art market that become 'a must see' place by tourists especially the local ones from Jakarta or other area in Java. Huge number of small stalls occupied the two stories building offer a lot of cheap souvenirs. Almost any kind of Bali's souvenirs can be found in here either painting, woodcarving, clothes, temple umbrellas and other temple accessories, leather puppet, wind chime, jewelries and others. The souvenirs choices are has huge quantity and available in various choices.



Ubud is Bali's cultural heart. This area is located in the cool mountains, just one hour's drive north of the airport and the resorts of southern Bali, this traditional country town is the home of the Balinese Royal family and a flourishing arts centre. Most of Bali's museums and galleries are centered in Ubud, but culture and history rich Bali is peppered with museums and galleries. These museums and galleries offer paintings, woodcarvings, textiles and all kinds of souvenirs for viewing and also purchase. Puri Lukisan Museum in centre of Ubud, Neka Museum in Campuhan, Seniwati Gallery and Agung Rai Museum in Pengosekan is a must, to see the difference between creative art and more commercial products.

GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana)


The Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a statue that was built with the height 140 metre. This statue is located in the Unggasan Hill, Jimbaran Bali. The work masterpiece Balinese I Nyoman Nuarta. This statue is in the form of the God Wisnu that in the Hindu religion is the God Of The Patron, drove Garuda birds. Around The Garuda Wisnu Kencana area, at this time was developed as the cultural garden and into Landmark for Balinese tourism and Indonesia. This The Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue is the symbol of the rescue mission of the environment and the world. From The Garuda Wisnu Kencana area, the exactly from Unggasan Hill, we can see Kuta Beach, Benoa Port, Jimbaran in the distance, Ngurah Rai Airport. The Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, exist in hills area with spell view.



Jimbaran Beach is the famous beach with white sand along the coastal and it is located in southern part of Bali. There are plenty of cafes are available in this place and offering delicious seafood dinner with breathtaking view of Indian Ocean and sunset. Please find the selection of Seafood Menu at Jimbaran cafe.

Tanah Lot


Tanah Lot is located about 12 kilometers from Tabanan City and 20 kilometers from Denpasar. The area comprises a wondrous mixture of natural beauty and sheer human effort. The royal Taman Ayun temple was built by one of the last priests to come to Bali from Java in the 16th century. The temple stands on the top of a huge rock, surrounded by the sea and is one of Bali's most important sea temples. Tanah Lot pays homage to the guardian spirits of the sea. Ancient rituals pay homage to the guardian spirits of the sea. Poisonous sea snakes found in the caves at the base of the rocky island are believed to be guardians of the temple, standing Virgil against evil spirits and intruders. At the base of the rocky island are poisonous sea snakes believed to guard the temple from evil spirits and intruders. The best time to see Tanah Lot is in the late afternoon when the temple is in silhouette.



It is located near to Sangeh village; the renowned 6 hectares of Bali Sangeh Monkey Forest are filled with giant nutmeg trees capable of growing as high as 40m. Sangeh Monkey Forest near the village of Sangeh, in southwestern Bali, has six hectares of forestland with giant nutmeg trees. The main attractions here are the hordes of funny yet wise Balinese monkeys inhabiting both the trees and the temple, Pura Bukit Sari, found in the heart of the forest. The monkeys of the forest are believed to be sacred and indeed will approach anyone paying respects at the temple. But visitors should be aware that these monkeys are attracted to shiny objects, so cameras and jeweler should be left behind or kept well hidden under clothes or in a bag when exploring Sangeh Bali.