Monday, July 14, 2008

Opera mini got stuck!!!

It began from 2 days ago, when I tried to browse internet via my handphone. I always use Opera mini v4.1 to browse. But when I tried and tried again, my Opera mini got stuck. For the first time, I thought that it was just because of the weak signal of my GPRS. But when I tried it again next day, I felt suspicious. Then i just said, "No, it is not about the signal, there's something else that causes I cannot browse anything from my handphone".

Then I told my friends about my problem. I let them try accessing internet through their handphone (they use Opera mini to browse). The same problem occured on their handphone. I was still dissatisfied, then I called my friends in another city and get them browse internet through their handphone. Unfortunately, they had the same problem like me. So, from this fact, I know that it's not the BTS signal problem because there's barely possibility to have the same problem with our different BTS in two city. Then I concluded that the problem was not in signal and not in handphone itself.

I'm still curious. What happened to my handphone???

I tried to use ebuddy and ymtiny application to do chat in mobile phone, and there was success. Wow, now i know the problem source. It is from Opera mini. So, what happened to Opera mini??? I'm absolutely don't know....

Until now, my Opera mini got stuck, cannot connect to internet, and I wonder why. Are there any maintenance on Opera mini??? Or I'm just a fool which blind of technology so that I cannot operate Opera mini as easy as you??? Please help me ...


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tips To Be Fat

Hooo, here i am, still be a skinny guy, want to engage you all who has the same problem like me, to do FAT PROGRAM. The listed point below will show you how to make a FAT inside your flesh.

1. Do sport
By sport, our body will be healthy, it stimulates the body part to be functionally work well. Try to do sport 1 time in a week.

2. Drink milk
Beside making healthy, the milk is able to make us fat, especially full cream. It is suggested to drink full cream milk 2 times a day.

3. Chew our food
When the food goes to our mouth, don't be lazy to chew it until flabby. We must do this in order to help bilge do digestion, moreover when we eat undigestable food, because there are no more teeth in other parts of our body except in our mouth.

4. Eat regularly
Everyday we have to eat our main food regularly. Always have a breakfast in the morning, have lunch on time, and then have a dinner. And among of them, we can eat all the small and light food (I mean snack, heuheuheu)

5. The kind of food
The kind of food we consume is measured by our activity. If we are a mobile person (EMANGNYA HAPE???), so eat everything which contains carbohydrate or fat. When the carbohydrate or fat composition is over the limit of what we need, they are will be stocked in our body, different from the protein which is not be stocked in our body.

6. Check your healthiness
If we had ever been fat before and then become skinny, try to check your healthiness to doctor. If it was not because of the disease, then we can feel the result in a month.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Go or Die???

Recently, I felt stressed out about everything happened in my job. There are so many problems in software development/debugging I work for. I'm a newbie in samsung, so when I'm faced to many problems on hundred-thousand-lines source code, suddenly I feel dizzy, and cannot believe that I am still alive. Maybe for four years I had experienced all kind of programming language. But for this time, I am defeated, I have lost, got terrible asthma, heartache, and many more suffer (is it hyperbole?)

The point is, I am not really already for this job assignment. As for me, the programming language that I handle is what I know for the long time, but it's different. The programming language is used to set DVD-player. During this time, that I know is how to implement software about computer application. It was really really software, but that I handle in my job is related to hardware. How to build software that controls hardware and bla bla bla make me learn so much but my brain was so full depressed (don't imagine that I had hydrocephalus).

The speed of learning about my job was so fast. I think it is too fast for me. I'm sure that I'll be able to manage it. With my partner, Renita (she is my granny, don't talk too much about her, she is so sensitive person), I want to attack the storm, defeat the hazardous ocean that we'll pass. As my granny (Renita) said, "The smooth sea will make an unskilled mariners", so it's a taboo for us to be defeated by erverything.

New Blog

Well, this is my first posting in my new blog. I may be bored about something old, but always trying something new, like this blog. The new thing is not always making me perform something very very brand new, but how I can perform this as well as the old one and deliver it with something different. Do you know what? I use English as my primary language.

Maybe this is the first step for me to learn how to impress my feeling and my experience into my blog in English version. Actually, it's a long time for me to design and plan every detail on my new blog. But it makes me bored when I was always thinking, and thinking, and thinking again about the content detail of the blog. So, now what I thought is to perform my life as usual, such a river bring its water (wew, so poetic).

Well, enough for this talking. I hope you enjoy surfing my blog with my up-to-date story.

PS: I hope you can give any comment too, hehehe...