Sunday, February 01, 2009

Struggle to Reach Goal

Three musketeers from backwoods want to get out from sorority

They want to go looking for some piece of another life

And they decide to visit city to get education before glory

To live a life, first of all they search a dorm to stay

Yeah, we got it!

It's time to enter the dormitory

When we go to our university, we know that our struggle ain't over yet

This is just the beginning of our glory
A few years later, we reach the glory, winning the competition,
having a big house and two cars

But suddenly, there's someone out of nowhere wants to hit and chase us

Finally, we just realize that he is the truly landlord of the house and the cars.
Our acting is over to share to our family. Forgive us, Mom! We make you disappointed.
The glory is still far far away from our hand ~_~


Unknown said...


Gila yaaaa, ini lebih dari lucuuuu...!!! aduh aduh, gw ga tau gimana ngekspresiin dalam bhs inggris, jadi ya gini aja deh, wkwkwkwk..!!!

Eriek Sobieski said...

Hehehe ...
I was just wasting time with my friends, in fact, these photos is aimed to be inserted inside IF03 memory book, but until this time, the book ain't finished yet ~_~