Monday, May 11, 2009

Chinese Proverbs and Myths

"DO NOT sit in front of the door, cause you will hard to find your mate!" This myth is probably frequently asked by our mother to let us not deterring somebody through the door. This is a question, what is the relationship between the door and a mate? But, believe it or not, these kind of wise words have been held hereditary, and are considered effective in teaching the values of goodness.

The birth place of the proverbs also occurs in China. Uniquely, China proverb, which is known as the Chinese wisdom is more diverse, and include all aspects of life. One of the aspects is about the health. D’ya wanna know its proverbs?

  • "Drink tea after meal"

  • Meaning: In fact, in traditional Chinese medicine, tea or Chinese green tea has been known has rich savors. But, because the Chinese people tend to believe the myths - which are in the proverb, saying that they trust - so they have to consume tea in routine, especially after eating.

  • "When you sleep, do not back the mirror"

  • Meaning: According to Feng Shui, when sleeping, the body requires energy yin. While the mirror is yang. If you sleep by backing the mirror or other objects such as doors or windows which are yang, it could be a conflict which can weaken our energy chi. As a result, when up to bed, the body will feel tired and get no spirit

  • "Eat porridge, if you want long-aged"

  • Meaning: The bilge needs a warm and flabby food, especially for the process of digestion in the morning. Because of that, porridge or other flabby food will be better suitable breakfast.

  • "Do not work directly after eating"

  • Meaning: After eating, our stomach still feels full. At that time, the concentration of the main body metabolism is digesting food. Perform the activity immediately after eating will share the body metabolism to other activities, so that food is not being well digested, which can disrupt the digestive channel.

  • "After eating, do not sleep directly"

  • Meaning: Basically, our digestive organ lines orderly comes from top to bottom: from the mouth, throat, stomach, small intestine, large intestine to the anus. Thus, the digestive organs will work better if the body in a sitting position. Sleeping position will prevent the process of digestion.

  • "Rub your stomach after eating"

  • Meaning: Many acupuncture points are associated with the alimentary tract in the abdomen. Rubbing stomach after eating, as well as stimulate acupuncture points so that it helps digestive organs work better.

  • "If you feel cold, rub your ears"

  • Meaning: A helix structure has the analog form of the human fetus. The ears also have alarm points connected to some organs. When getting cold, just rubbing ears will be the same as warming up the body as a whole.

OK now, please let me know if you have another myths except all those.


-rizka- said...

have ya ever heard javanesse proverb, use rice spoon if your stomach is full?
the rice spoon is used to rub your stomach in one direction, up and down...quite funny eh, but it works ahahahaha

Eriek Sobieski said...

yeah, that's funny, hahaha ...

I have ever heard another one.
"Don't cut your finger nails at the night", our parents always warn it because if we keep doin it, we will die at young age soon.

Very scary, huh?

But I think the moral is "we are not permitted to cut finger nails at night because there's barely light to see so maybe we may cut our finger too beside the nails"

It is depicted in the former century where there's still no electricity to light on at the night.

-rizka- said...

ah...i know that one, what about this one?
do not lying on ur stomach on bed while lifting ur legs up, it makes you turn into a snake.
what a nonsense..

Eriek Sobieski said...

OK, i got this in internet, another Chinese myths to see a ghost. This tips is taken from the movie "The Eye 10", so this is 10 ways to see a ghost, let's check out if you have desire to see them:

# Cornea Transplant
It is claim that a person that got a cornea transplant from a dead person, the person can see ghost

# Suicide Attempt
A pregnant woman that attempts suicide can see ghost. Oh… that means males only have 9 ways to see ghost

# Oujia(not sure how to spell) board
I bet everyone heard of this. Place a cup or something and put your finger on top of it on a piece of paper full of letters. Then call the ghost to come and the ghost will answer all you question.

# Midnight Hide and Seek
Play hide and seek at night in a “dirty” place. The ghost will play with you too. When the ghost play with you, the ghost will block one of the hider so that everyone can’t see the hider. To make him appears again, the seeker have to use a black cat. The black cat will unblock the view somehow. Then, you will see both hider and the ghost.

# Dirt Mask
Dig up some soil from a dead men’s grave and apply them to your eyes.

# Calling Hungry Ghost
I was laughing my ass off when I see this part in the movie. To call hungry ghost, you will need foods, bowl and chopsticks. Tap the bowl with chopstick, and that will attract hungry ghosts’ attention. They will go to your place and eat those food. Tapping must continue, or the ghost will be able to see you!! About the funny part in the movie, one guy tap the bowl until the bowl breaks. Desperately, he use his chopsticks and tap his teeth, which has similar sounds to the bowl taps

# Midnight Hair Combing
Comb your hair midnight, in front of a mirror. You will see ghost that you desire.

# Opening Umbrella
Open your umbrella indoors. You will see ghost after that.

# Peek-A-Stoop
I’m not sure how’s it called, but that’s how the DVD i rented translated. Try to look behind you in between your legs, of course, you have to bend down.

# Play Dead
Dress up like a dead person and sleep. You will go to the ghost world. This part of the movie is funny too. It is said that ghost in the ghost world is afraid of you breath. Well, the keep on blew those like dragon blowing fire. The funny part is where the guy (the same guy that taps his teeth) accidentally farted and the ghost fainted straight away