Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fact or Fiction?

So many rumor has been issuing some news that is still in doubtfully believed. It's a truth or just a lie. This post shows you which news is belong to fact and which news is belong to fiction or bullshit. In fact, I choose the animal issue of this topic, because I was often delivered some mail about the facts of animal but in the other side, it is just a hoax. OK now, I wanna bet you to guess before you see the 'Fact or Fiction?' button. Let's try together ^^

Snake Pulled a Kangaroo From a River

Man-Eating Catfish

Odin The Swimming White Bengal Tiger

Dogs Were Used for Shark Bait in the African Island

Dog's Tongue Had to be Amputated After Playing With a Defective Pet Toy

The Seagull That Steals Doritos

The Story of the Man Who Befriended a Great White Shark

Giant Rabbit

Dolphin Rings

Grieving Mother Tiger Caring for Piglets in Tiger Skins

Catfish Eats Basketball

Tried to Barbecue a Kitten?

Picture of a great white shark attacking a soldier hanging from a helicopter

Pink Dolphin

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