Sunday, March 29, 2009

Worm Inside the Eye and Head

It was began from the dust. There was a man who felt an irritation in his eye, but he thought it was just a dust. Therefore he just rubbed his eye to remove the dust, but unfortunately his eyes got really bad, looked red. So he went to the pharmacy to buy eye drops but in few days later, his eyes were still red and a little swollen.

Day by day, the swelling of his eye got worse, redder and bigger until he decided to see a doctor. The doctor wanted him to be operated, got suspected of a tumor or cyst. At the operation, what was thought to be a tumor or cyst, actually turned out to be a live worm. What was thought before as just dust actually was an insect's egg. The point is ... if you do get caught in dust and the pain persists, please be careful and quickly see a doctor. Maybe your case is the same with it.

Please don't click the spoiler because it is gross >.<

The videos below show the worm or larvae inside the eyes and head. Take a look!

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