Friday, October 30, 2009


What's exactly happening on that 11:11?
For the first time, I didn't realize that it came up a couple times, say hi to me as if it is human being make a greeting to me. Almost everyday, my eyes often crawl intuitively the digital clock in the right below corner of my computer desktop, and it displays 11:11. It makes me creepy at once. But, it's just a number, hell yeah I was into silly imagination which I shouldn't have taken care of.

After that, I didn't really care about it until I got no purpose watching my friend's status in her messenger. She said "my life is fullfilled by 11:11". Then I remember my last concern and let me to say inside my feeling, "Il Signo Dio, There's something ..."

All of a sudden, I search anything about 11:11. I think it's a fascinating stuff to discuss and criticize. Here is what I found about the 11:11 ...

You're supposed to make a wish a 11:11 & it's supposed to come true. Every time we see 11:11 on the clock that it's the universes way of letting you know that you're on the right path, in other words, it is some sort of a message from a higher power. It's just like when you see a shooting star you see it and make a wish .. it sometimes comes true and sometimes doesn't.

There's (maybe) a superstitious thing inside 11:11. I'm not exactly sure but I want to share this article. Click Spoiler to see it.

So, what will you believe????


Anonymous said...

hoo, kalo aku dulu seringnya ngeliat: 22:22 ^^
trus kata ester siih, kalo liat angkanya kembar gitu brarti ada yg kangen. mwahahaha ^^

-rizka- said...

it was my special time of a day, dunno why, just thought that the numbers are cute, arent they?

but now i'm not into numbers again :D
so..farewell my 13:57

Eriek Sobieski said...

yeah, it will count 22:22 too

maybe because it's an odd number, so that makes it cute ^^