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Backpack to Ujung Kulon

Initiating from the last February, we intended to make a trip to Ujung Kulon. After that, we took the initiative to invite the others because of the quotas have not been fulfilled yet. Then, it was decided that we did this trip in three days, May 13-15 2010, with the person-in-charge for this tour was me and Olip. Here is the map of Ujung Kulon ...

May 13, 2010: Cikarang - Kampung Rambutan - Serang (Pakupatan bus terminal) - Taman Jaya

We boarded the bus from Cikarang to Kampung Rambutan, then shift to another bus from Kampung Rambutan to Serang. Buses didn't bring us to the terminal Pakupatan, then we rode public transportation to get there. There was an elf owned by Mr. Hendrick that will take us to Taman Jaya village in six hour. Maximum capacity was only for 15 people, although initially we were 18 people total, but three people were unable to participate due to some reasons.

Arriving at Taman Jaya, we stayed overnight at the house owned by the brother of Mr. Komar (Contact Person for tourism in the Ujung Kulon). At the morning, Olip and me bought groceries at the store with IDR 150,000 for initial budget, but in fact all the food was worth almost IDR 300,000. Next, we checked the tent and snorkeling equipment and carried them to the boat. Mr. Alex will be our guide and our chef when we lived on Peucang island.

May 14, 2010: Taman Jaya - Handeleum - Peucang - Cibom - Tanjung Layar

From the pier of Taman Jaya, we set sail for Handeleum. Once on Handeleum at around 9am, we signed up for registration and rent canoes to drift into Cigenter river. Actually, there were only 2 canoes available, each of which can only brought 5 persons. But after our negotiations, there was an additional canoe then it would be fitting with our number.

We had stopped at a place where the buffaloes were usually founded, but unfortunately when we came there, there's no buffalo at all because the weather might not support (after a light rain). After that, we continued canoeing again, but our guide could not pass up the river as the rain caused the water point being higher and the current water became increasingly tight. In fact, we haven't found the rhinoceros, pythons, and crocodiles yet. We only found a lizard and monkeys. Because the situation was desperately so bad, we finally returned to Handeuleum.

We continued the journey to Citerjun to do snorkeling. It took 2.5 hours from Handeleum. Arriving at Citerjun, the weather transformed badly into heavy rain so that we decided to cancel snorkeling. Schedule for snorkeling was adjourned until tomorrow. Then we proceeded to Peucang island. Over there, we met the animals that roamed freely around the island, such as deers, wild pigs which were not dangerous, and the monkeys which were greedy and mischievous. After the rain subsided, we headed down Cibom where we go camping. To go there, we could not pull over the ship because there were many reefs in shallow place, so we need a speed boat whose price was doubled the rent price of canoes.

Because the land for camp was muddy, we decided not to build the tent in Cibom, so we continued our journey from Cibom to Tanjung Layar -about one kilometer- by trekking through the dense jungle where most wild monkeys and buffaloes lived. It was said that the jungle was haunted, so we did not dare to do things which violated the mystical realm such dirty words, singing, whistling, and being arrogant, especially when it was already entering the dawn.

Arriving in Tanjung Layar, we met Mr. Yitno, a lighthouse keeper who lives alone to operate it there, imagine! Living alone in a place far away from the civilization in the middle of the jungle, alone!

May 15, 2010: Tanjung Layar - Cibom - Cidaon - Peucang - Citerjun - Taman Jaya

In the morning, there were some of us who hunted sunrise by climbing the lighthouse, and there were some of us walked toward the camping area, not far from there. We found a very big wave since it is the most western part of Java island and facing directly out toward the ocean. I had the opportunity to climb a hill protected by a forest because I was so curious for finding the staircase made of stone leading upwards. Arriving at the top, I found the ruins of buildings that seem to former lighthouse. Although the pretty scenery was visible from there, but I'm a little bit frightened because it looked creepy, then I quickly got out and joined again with the others to get ready leaving to the next destination.

The next destination was Cidaon. Cidaon is a vast meadow where the buffalo is usually crowded for grazing. But once again, we were less fortunate. We only saw - just one buffalo and a lizard. From the pier to Cidaon meadow, we did trekking which was not as far as we did to Tanjung Layar. Interestingly, when trekking to Cidaon, we find mangroves and palm fruit everywhere. Our guards worked so hard to find the best-tasted palm fruit but none of them were good.

The next destination was Citerjun where we did snorkeling. Because we had limited amount of snorkel equipment, then only some of us who did it. I myself didn't want to do it since I just want to wander around Peucang island along the coast which were still virgin.

According to the testimony of my friend's, Citerjun's underwater was less good than Karimun Jawa's, possibly because of the last rains that made the sea water turned a bit turbid. After several of us had finished snorkeling, we arranged a plan for trekking on the island towards Karang Copong. The place looked chic when sunset came. However, because our time was limited, eventually the plan was not realized. Thus we finally boarded the ship to sail back to Taman Jaya.

Mass Budget:
  1. Elf Rental (two ways): IDR 1,300,000 (originally IDR 1,200,000, we must repay the IDR 100.000 for midnight departure)
  2. Boat rental for 2 days (two ways): IDR 2,000,000 (max 20 persons)
  3. A guide and a cook for 2 days: IDR 350,000 (IDR 100,000/guide/day, IDR 75,000/cook/day)
  4. Groceries: IDR 282,000
  5. Entrance Ticket + insurance (for 15 persons): IDR 82,500 (@ IDR 2,500 (tickets) + IDR 3,000 (insurance))
  6. Permission fee to hook the boat: IDR 100,000 (to all destinations)
  7. Boat rental in Cibom: IDR 200,000 (official price IDR 250,000)
  8. Tent rental (4 sets): IDR 100,000 (because we didn't use it, so it should be per tent IDR 50,000)
  9. Breakfast (15 persons): IDR 75,000 (Nasi Uduk in Taman Jaya)
  10. Tips for Mr Yitno: IDR 100,000 (voluntary)

Total : IDR 4,850,000 with subsidy from 2 persons who canceled the tour : IDR 200,000, so the net total was:

IDR 4,650,000 / 15 = IDR 310,000

Individual Budget:

  1. Snorkel rental /set /day: IDR 40,000
  2. Canoe rental in Cigenter: IDR 50,000
  3. Transporation fees: IDR 73,000 (ojek and angkot (2 ways): IDR 18,000, bus to Kampung Rambutan : IDR 5,000, Kampung Rambutan - Serang : IDR 17,000, angkot Pakupatan terminal (2 ways) : IDR 50,000, Serang - Cikarang : IDR 28,000)

Total personal expenditure = IDR 163,000

Ujung Kulon Contact Person:

Mr. Komar: 081806181209
Mr. Hendrik: 087871006879


Condition of road from Taman Jaya to Serang was very bad. So if you plan to go with your own car, get ready for it, make sure to take off-road car :D
Here is some extra fees info which you need when reaching Peucang island. FYI, we have arranged the administration and registration for permission to wander around all of the spots in Ujung Kulon firstly at Hendeuleum, so we didn't have to pay more when arriving at Peucang Island.

*The photos were taken by me, Olip, Dina, Aldo, Shanti, Destin, Wawan, Heni, Antho, and Rizka.


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why do you upload my hanging gejeisme pic? >.<

Eriek Sobieski said...

LOL ...
just for fun :D

Anonymous said...

aaaaa you make me jealous mas!
really want to go backpacker somewhere,,,

have you ever go to anak krakatau or sempu island? really want to try go there >,<

Eriek Sobieski said...

to ira:
better finish studying first and then get a job. When you were able to earn your life, you could pick up your choice to roam around the places you want easily. That's what I've been doing :)

About anak Krakatau, I'd passed it when going to Ujung Kulon, but in a miles away, LOL. Sempu island has been tempting me too, but as I know, set up the camp there is not allowed anymore ...


Anonymous said...

wouw, thanks for the advice! when I'm thinking, for my age, yeah maybe backpack around Java is the greatest that I've done with my own money from 'proyekan' :D *curcol dadakan*

really? my friend said that he still can camp at Sempu Island, but only for 1 nite. that's the rule he said

Eriek Sobieski said...

Ow, that's a good news for us ...
There's still a chance to pursue this island for the next journey ^^

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