Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Backpack to Singapore

This was my second time visiting Singapore. But the first wasn't counted since I just transit Changi Airport while heading to Korea. So the second chance we met again, I gonna do exploration there, do backpack, and have fun enjoying the Singapore atmosphere. We departed from Jakarta to Batam, this is the alternative way to reach Singapore with less money. And the second reason was, we wanted to know more about Batam. I think Batam is prospective enough to be developed as a good tourism destination and well-planned residence.

From Batam we continued the tour by taking ferry heading to HarbourFront. The ferry we got on, was not the same with the kind of ferry heading to Bali which carries people and vehicles in one time. The ferry heading to Singapore just carry people and their baggage, so I felt some significant differences when I was in it.

a way to harbor

the ferry inside

After reaching HarbourFront, we continued the journey by taking MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). As we noticed, the MRT in Singapore seemed not different with Metro Subway in Korea. But at least we didn't feel confused since we are used to it. However, the idiot action was unavoidably happened. Yeah, we were like numbnuts who newly learned how to use ticketing machine, until there was a man helped us to operate the machine by always said to us "You know lah!", lol. Before this, we experienced operating the ticket machine at subway Korea, but I don't know why we were like rubes who just came to the big city. It's too idiot to memorize, lol.

After that, we got on the MRT and headed to Farrer Park station to catch Serangoon Road (before this, we didn't know that Boon Keng station was more reachable than it) where our hostel is located there, The Hive. Yeah, this is hostel for backpackers, so our room is mixed up with another overseas backpackers, one room have 10 beds. We were sleeping there with at least 4 western guys and girls, and 1 eastern guy (as I remembered).

The first night at Singapore, we kicked some places not far from the hostel, Little India would be our first coulinary destination. The foods were not too bad, seemed like traditional food from Aceh. But most of my friends disliked it. After having coulinary, we kicked the Mustafa Center to buy some snacks, merchandises, and compared the price of electronic apparatus. Returned from Mustafa, we headed to the Hindu's temple called Veeramakaliamman Temple. We saw the Hindu spiritual worship inside the temple. I'm so excited how they worshipped their gods, it's a brand new experience I had, because I have ever seen the praying ritual from Hindu's people at Bali. And I think even they prayed to the same gods, but how they worshipped, it's maybe totally different.

In the next day, it's time to go to the main destination of Singapore iconic places. They were located arround Marina Bay. But, before reaching Marina Bay, we must taking MRT, got off Rafless Place station and then we drifted through skycraper building and followed the Singapore River. Marina Bay is not far from there, so we just took a walk with taking some photos until we arrived Marina Bay where the Merlion is stood up spraying the water. We can see the Esplanade, Fullerton and Mandarin Hotel, Singapore Flyer, Raffles Statue, and some skycraper building. Unfortunately, we didn't have the opportunity to see Double Helix Bridge since it was being built, in progress.

At the same day, we went to Chinese Garden, located in Jurong region. There were some pagodas, the big one is placed in the front of the entry gate, and the other little pagodas is placed in the backyard. Not only Chinese Garden we could see, but Japanese Garden is not far from there. The environment was really beautifully attractive and fresh.

When the night had come, we went to Singapore Flyer and rode onto it so that we clearly saw the Singapore city light in the night, it was so cool. Be in the highest top, made me like a flying man. Gosh, it's so chic panorama, even it's just a populated city with many crowded neat buildings, but I could feel the same feeling when I saw the greenish panorama with the blue sky and blue ocean. We only had one rotation opportunity, and then we walked to Clark Quay next to Singapore River. There were so many restaurants and cafes where the people usually hang out to or just searching a place and grab a bite to eat while watching how beautiful the environment arround the Singapore River is. Not too crowd, less vehicles passing or maybe just the water transportation passing through the river made the atmosphere really romantic.

On the third day in Singapore, it's time to go shopping in the morning. The first destination we kicked was Orchard and Hard Rock Shop. Not much we did except window
shopping at several department stores Orchard street and then we bought T-shirts from Hard Rock Shop. To complete the day, we went shopping to Bugis Street, we bought Singapore merchandises, with negotiable price :D After satisfied spending much money, we headed to Mesjid Sultan to pray Dhuhur.

After midday, we went to one of our main destination, yeah, it was Sentosa. Sentosa is a little island in the southern part of Singapore. To go there, we took cable car which cost S$ 10.90. It offers some fun attractions, best beaches, and studio theme parks. One of the merlion stand up on sorta hill. I think this is the biggest Merlion I have ever seen and the only one Singapore icon which can be climbed to have a good view from there. We walked around Tiger Sky Tower, The Image of Singapore, The Merlion, entering some attractions, and finally watched the "Song of The Sea" performance. It was really cool. Many attractive places in Sentosa which we can visit but our time's up. Nevertheless, we were really excited of the journey that day.

Tiger Sky Tower

The Merlion of Sentosa

"Song of The Sea" performance


The flight fare (Air Asia) from Jakarta to Batam : around Rp.300.000
The flight fare (Tiger Airways) from Singapore to Jakarta : S$ 420 for 5 persons.
Ferry from Batam to Harbourfort : S$ 17
Singapore Tourist Pass MRT : S$8 per day

* the photos were taken by Chocky, Wawan, and Eka


Anonymous said...

nice post....kamar mandinya The Hive udah bagus & bersih ? Thn 2008 gua kesana baru mulai renovasi. Thx.

Eriek Sobieski said...

kamar mandinya dah bagus kok ...
ada rencana mau ke sana lagi? :D

Anonymous said...

Iya, kalian nginap di rumah depan atau belakang ? Kalau didepan agak berisik ya, itu perempatan ngak pernah sepi kalau malam. btw, song of the sea nya keren banget......

Eriek Sobieski said...

nginep di rumah depan, ga terlalu berisik juga sih. lagian enak juga nginep di rumah depan, deket sama warnet wannabe (kan ada layanan internet gratis 24 jam tuh) sama ruang TV juga dsana, jadi ya enjoy2 aja sih :D

iya Song of the Sea-nya keren banget. Tapi agak2 gak rela pas ada lagu Sipatu Gilang yang diakuin dari Malay, wkwkwkwkwwk ...

Anonymous said...

ok.....keep updating blognya tiap habis travelling ya, udah gua bookmark. Trims.