Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Blog

Well, this is my first posting in my new blog. I may be bored about something old, but always trying something new, like this blog. The new thing is not always making me perform something very very brand new, but how I can perform this as well as the old one and deliver it with something different. Do you know what? I use English as my primary language.

Maybe this is the first step for me to learn how to impress my feeling and my experience into my blog in English version. Actually, it's a long time for me to design and plan every detail on my new blog. But it makes me bored when I was always thinking, and thinking, and thinking again about the content detail of the blog. So, now what I thought is to perform my life as usual, such a river bring its water (wew, so poetic).

Well, enough for this talking. I hope you enjoy surfing my blog with my up-to-date story.

PS: I hope you can give any comment too, hehehe...

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