Monday, April 13, 2009

Tips: How to Hypnotize

Yeah, I'm being curious how some mind-expert can do hypnotize to people. So, I just want to learn how to do that, maybe someday I'll be able to hypnotize people to preserve all things I want, hahaha. I think it's interesting thing to try with your friend first. If it works, so you can practice with the strangers, very fun to do, huh?

Now, are you as curious as I am to do this silly thing? I bet you will because once it works, it shall be your ecstasy. But, don't forget not to do it as criminality. OK, I got the tips from e-How, so let's learn together from the tips below:

How to Hypnotize Someone

There are several approaches one can take to hypnotize a person easily. From the use of stress and anxiety to the use of child like abandon and meditative release, it is easy to hypnotize another person. You don't need a swinging clock to put someone under your spell. All you need is a little step by step instruction and a clear understanding of which approach will work best for you.

  1. Use the stage method. With authority and esteem command the subject to perform a series of rapid instructions.

  2. Overwhelm the subject with a series of commands that work to incite stress and anxiety.

  3. Use the full command of your authority to overwhelm the person. Create a rapid fire succession of commands that direct the subject to follow each as he releases his will to resist your authority.

  4. Command the subject to move further into his subconscious, moving incrementally to a deeper state with each beat. Begin to count from 10 to two.

  5. End by instructing the subject that he will be hypnotized when you say the number "one."

  6. With force-full authority instruct the subject to into a hypnotized state by acknowledging the number "one." The subject is now hypnotized.

  7. Use the therapist method. Talk the subject into a deep hypnosis trance with slow meditative communication.

  8. Lead the subject step by step into a deep trance. Using a tender, steady, monotone voice, instruct the subject to count from 20 to zero.

  9. Tap your foot to create a rhythm for the patient. You can also count down from five to zero to provide an example for the subject to follow. Use your voice to build trust.

  10. Instruct the subject to move further and further within his subconscious. He should move further and further within his subconscious until it totally takes over.

  11. Explain that you will gently tap the subject on the forward three times when she reaches the number zero. Instruct the subject that when she feels the third light tap on her forehead, she will be 100 percent within her subconscious mind.

  12. Guide the patient with three light taps. On the third tap, pause and then ask, "Tell me what you see."

  13. Talk the person through the event, memory, tragedy or fear that his subconscious mind now rests.

Do you still confused or maybe now you don't have a friend to practice? It's okay, I think you have to practice alone before you can do it with another person. Let's practice to do self-hypnotize with the instruction below.

How to Do Self-Hypnosis

Things You’ll Need:
  • Armchairs
  • Candles
  • Pocket Watches
  • Relaxation Tapes
  • Relaxing CDs
  • Candles

Sequence to do self-hypnotize:
  1. Recognize that to be hypnotized is to enter a trance state. You will be very focused, but will also be aware of what is happening around you.

  2. Sit in a comfortable chair or recline on a couch in a quiet place. Be sure that your clothes are loose and comfortable and the temperature is not too warm or cool.

  3. Turn down the lights so that it's not too bright. It doesn't need to be dark.

  4. Relax. You can have your eyes open or closed, whichever is most comfortable for you.

  5. Let yourself go loose. Feel every muscle go limp. Feel your mind slow down. Good.

  6. Breathe deeply and hold it. Feel all of your stress and worries sucked from your body and your head into your lungs. Blow them out slowly and watch them swirl away from you.

  7. Notice the different colors of each concern. See them float away and dissolve in the air. You are feeling more and relaxed with every breath.

  8. Feel your heart. It is strong and slow. You can feel it beating, slowly, slowly. Each time you exhale, your body relaxes more. You are calm and safe. You can feel your heart. It's beating so slowly.

  9. Feel your toes. They feel empty and light. They want to float away. That lightness is spreading up your legs, through your hips and into your back. Your body is so empty. You can see through it.

  10. Feel your arms. They feel empty. Your shoulders are empty. Your neck is empty. Your head is floating, weightless. You feel so calm.

  11. Feel liquid begin to fill your body through your navel. It's deep blue. It feels cool and comfortable. Watch it fill up your body. Cool blue. When you are full, you will feel calm and completely at ease.

  12. Now open your eyes and sit up. Your cool, blue feeling will stay with you.

It's working???



Dian said...

hipnotis gw dung.. buat gw serasa miss universe... hehehehe

-rizka- said...

are you bold enough to do self-hypnosis?
i dare you to hypnotize me :P

Elly Kusnadi said...


is that just how to feel relax??

what if we got self-hypnotized , so wmo's gonna wake us up???

Eriek Sobieski said...

I think it's not self-hypnotize anyway, but such a yoga-thing, ain't it? From the instruction above we are encouraged to feel relax the body and mind by keeping a mind focused, as hypnotized ^^