Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tips To Handle Sleepiness At Work

Recently, I got over and over into sleepiness while working at the office. Why is it happened at all working day? A whole day from 8 to 8 (if overtime), and almost a whole week from Sunday to Saturday, always like this.

Now I have to find some ways to handle it, I just don't want to work with no spirit and an empty mind. So I'll try to make some points which are effective to exorcist the sleepiness such to exorcist an evil at working time. All of you can do this either, here are the effective ways to recover from sleepiness:

  1. Get plenty of sleep the night before.

  2. Most of us won’t do it, because there are always things to do to kill the meantime in the night, such as watching TV or movie, surfing internet, and playing games over and over. Normally, we get in bed seven or eight hours before we need to get up. Watch TV or reading book if you must, but just being in bed will signal your brain and body to start shutting down. Over time, if you stick with it, you should start falling asleep earlier and earlier.

  3. Drink coffee

  4. I think it's the effective way to stay awake, but I won't give it as an advice because there are negative effects to your health with constant use of caffeine.

  5. Take a walk

  6. Doing short, leisurely activities also helps to increase blood flow and wake you up. Getting away from your desk or work area and out of the building will rejuvenate your senses. Even if all you have time for is a quick step outside for a breath of fresh air, you’ll feel more awake when you get back to work.

  7. Stretching

  8. Stretching wakes up the mind as well as the body. Stretching causes the muscles to contract, which causes an increase of blood flow, which can increase you alertness and brain function. Two or three times a day, stand up and move around. Reach, bend, twist and touch your toes to keep that blood flowing, letting your brain and body know that despite sitting stationary for up to eight hours a day, you are still awake!

  9. Eat out

  10. Even if you bring your lunch, get away from your desk and, preferably, out of the office. A change of environment for thirty minutes to an hour will do wonders for your mind, body and soul.

  11. Give yourself a rub up.

  12. Rub both your arms and legs slowly. On your arms start from your wrist and end with your shoulder. On your legs start with your ankles. You can do this in a straight line or from side to side. Add a bit of pressure while rubbing. This also increases blood flow.

  13. Socialize

  14. Step away from work now and then to talk to your co-workers and supervisors. Not only will it wake you up, but also strengthen your work relationships. Keep the conversation work-related and technically you're still working.

  15. Take a mini mind vacation

  16. Make sure you do this sitting up, so you don’t fall asleep. Close your eyes and slowly breath in and out. Now think about some place that you would really like to go or some place that you have been that you really enjoyed. Imagine yourself there. Continue this for 5 minutes.

  17. Don’t give into it

  18. We always find that when we are tired, we complain about how tired we are. If we stop the thought and shake it off we feel much better.

  19. Dunk your head in cold water

  20. It wakes us up every time. I bet it would!


-rizka- said...

11. Singing a song...(aloud) ^^
12. Cheek slapping, or hair pulling a.k.a menjambak :D
13. Taking online quizzes

Trisko said...

Erieeek.... (comment nya ku jawab di blog mu ajaa :P)

Aku tidak melupakan dirimuh koq...bahkan blog eriek suka aku baca, cuma ga pernah isi comment sebelumnya...beurat uuy ber english2 ria, lagi cinta bahasa indonesia :P (padahal mah english nya yg juueeleek)


14. Pesbuking dan bloging...lumayan ampuh buatku ^_^"

*soal fotoku...itu foto orang yagn lagi bosen, soale dikiri kanan nya pada tepar (tidur semua)

dindun said...

males inggrisan
- ke toilet aja, tiduran bentar trus cuci muka
- gangguin tetangga deket ato tetangga jauh

Elly Kusnadi said...

"10. Dunk your head in cold water" --> commenting the illutration pic : mwakakakak.... dunk it in and never pull your head out from the bathtub .. i bet the sleep is gone FOREVER mwakakak ^^