Saturday, April 25, 2009


Do you believe in prophecy? Mmmm ... well, I think if it's a future prediction thing so I'm sure I cannot believe easily, but if it's just horoscope telling the character of certain group of people, so partly I trust it because I have ever faced it in reality to some group having the character mentioned but not all, just a part of it. Barely found the full character of the zodiac said, so don't believe it fully, just let it as reference about yourself and the people around you, maybe you need to know how are the people standing behind you. So just take a look for a while and give comment how much you fit on it.

.: Aries Man | Woman
.: Taurus Man | Woman
.: Gemini Man | Woman
.: Cancer Man | Woman
.: Leo Man | Woman
.: Virgo Man | Woman
.: Libra Man | Woman
.: Scorpio Man | Woman
.: Sagittarius Man | Woman
.: Capricorn Man | Woman
.: Aquarius Man | Woman
.: Pisces Man | Woman


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Dian said...

Eriek Lorent in da house..